Marker Art #43: Ducktales

Kids of the NES era were blessed to have a company like Capcom working on games based on their favorite Disney afternoon shows. Amongst gems like Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers (1990) and Darkwing Duck (1992) was Ducktales (1989), a charming show about the adventures of a thrifty tycoon with a boppin’ theme song.

It’s no wonder that I was drawn to this game because it shared similarities with another Capcom favorite of mine, Mega Man. Sure enough, Tokuro Fujiwara, Keiji Inafune, and Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, all Mega Man veterans, were key personnel in this game’s design.

I knew Scrooge would make a fun pixel project, so I put my markers to good use with the following art. Enjoy!

As always, I charted out the black squares first. You can already see a clear shape for Scrooge – especially his hat and face!
Just orange, red and blue for his body. His tail is already white.
The final product! Can you see where I made a mistake and covered it up? If not, then my secret is safe!

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