Naming the Original Final Fantasy Games

Recently, a GQ interview with Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Minagawa, producer and art director of the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 game, discussed the possibility of dropping the numbers for future titles from the beloved Final Fantasy series which debuted way back in 1987. In the interview, Yoshida claimed that it could be difficult for newContinue reading “Naming the Original Final Fantasy Games”

Double Tap: Zombies in Games

As you may or may not know, May is Zombie Awareness Month, and it is the goal of the Zombie Research Society to “bring awareness about zombies and the possibility of a future zombie apocalypse.” While I’m hopeful that we’ll never live to see such a day, I feel generally prepared having dealt with myContinue reading “Double Tap: Zombies in Games”

Pixel Art #47: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

An army of ninja cats, two-player cooperative action, and a colorful array of in-game mini-games including a playable demo of Gradius 3? The Legend of the Mystical Ninja holds a fond place in my memory as an ever enjoyable experience despite its ramped up difficulty later in the adventure. I remember playing this with myContinue reading “Pixel Art #47: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja”

Egging You On: Eggs in Games

As an adult on Easter, I may not be searching for colorful capsules filled with candy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take my hunt to other mediums! This year, I went on a quest to find the top ten instances of eggs in video games! Can you think of any others? Tell me aboutContinue reading “Egging You On: Eggs in Games”

Top Ten Archives: 2020

While the world was dealing with a pandemic, I was wrapping up my first year of a Master’s degree and holding true to my New Year’s resolution: to create a video game-related top ten list (based on a witty pun) for every month of the year. Due to the nature of WordPress, it could beContinue reading “Top Ten Archives: 2020”

My Gaming Year in Review (2022)

Happy New Year! 2022 was my first full year with a Nintendo Switch which meant I had a lot more easy access to games that I wanted to pick up on the fly via the eShop. Despite a couple busy semesters of teaching, I was able to complete quite a few games! Here’s a recapContinue reading “My Gaming Year in Review (2022)”

Perler Art #45: Lakitu

Lakitu has been terrorizing the famous plumber duo since his first appearance in Super Mario Bros in 1985 where he would chuck spinies at his victims below from the comforts of his portable cloud. In future games he would act as an official in Super Mario Kart, and he was the man behind the cameraContinue reading “Perler Art #45: Lakitu”

Marker Art #43: Ducktales

Kids of the NES era were blessed to have a company like Capcom working on games based on their favorite Disney afternoon shows. Amongst gems like Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers (1990) and Darkwing Duck (1992) was Ducktales (1989), a charming show about the adventures of a thrifty tycoon with a boppin’ theme song. It’sContinue reading “Marker Art #43: Ducktales”

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Marker Art #42: The Phantom Train

Halloween is almost here so I decided to break out the markers again to create some spooky pixel art! My selection this time is a scene from Final Fantasy 6 (SNES 1994) where Sabin and Cyan accidentally board a train that takes its passengers to the land of the dead. Their only chance of survivalContinue reading “Marker Art #42: The Phantom Train”

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Marker Art #41: Super Mario Kart Yoshi

Super Mario Kart was easily one of my most-played games as a kid. It was the pinnacle multiplayer experience that offered hours of entertainment up there with games like Turtles in Time and Super Bomberman. When we weren’t vying for that sweet first place finish in the Mario Kart GP mode, we’d be duking itContinue reading “Marker Art #41: Super Mario Kart Yoshi”

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