Marker Art #32: I Am Error

If you’ve played the NES sequel Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987), then it’s very likely you’ve run across this guy. Calling himself “Error,” his Japanese name is the symbol for “Bagu.” In English, this means “a computer bug.” So, it’s very likely that the localization of Zelda II resulted in this translation errorContinue reading “Marker Art #32: I Am Error”

*Painting* Art #13: Link

Coming off the heels of a successful Mega Man pixel art project, I knew I had try another! After my girlfriend ordered us some more canvases, I settled on my next painting subject: Link from The Legend of Zelda! The Zelda games have been some of my favorites ever since the original 1986 NES release,Continue reading “*Painting* Art #13: Link”