Marker Art #42: The Phantom Train

Halloween is almost here so I decided to break out the markers again to create some spooky pixel art!

My selection this time is a scene from Final Fantasy 6 (SNES 1994) where Sabin and Cyan accidentally board a train that takes its passengers to the land of the dead. Their only chance of survival is to figure out a way to halt the engine and jump ship. This, of course, leads to an iconic battle where the crew fights the sentient train itself, and Sabin has the opportunity to suplex the locomotive into oblivion.

Along the way, they meet a number of ghosts passengers. Many are hostile, but a few offer to help them escape. Below is one such meeting with a friendly ghost!

As usual, I mapped out the black outline first.
Next I filled in the skin tone and blue shades. I was having trouble finding exactly the right color, but this came close.
I continue with the blue window section and then fleshed out the rest of Sabin’s sprite. I also started work on the floor.
sabin phantom train final fantasy 6 super nintendo ghost
In the end, I finished the wall and flooring. I miffed a little bit on the exact pixel placement, but it’s not noticeable. Really happy with my final product!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my post! Do you remember this iconic moment from Final Fantasy 6? What are some other spooky instances in games? Let me know in a comment below. Also, if you like my content, consider following my blog or subscribing via e-mail!

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