Marker Art #41: Super Mario Kart Yoshi

Super Mario Kart was easily one of my most-played games as a kid. It was the pinnacle multiplayer experience that offered hours of entertainment up there with games like Turtles in Time and Super Bomberman. When we weren’t vying for that sweet first place finish in the Mario Kart GP mode, we’d be duking it out in Battle Mode (Battle Course 2 was the best) and trying to glitch the game out so you could keep driving after the match had been decided.

While I rarely played as Yoshi (my main was Koopa Troopa), I found him to be completely endearing and one of the more memorable sprites from the game – and he’s the perfect subject for my next project! Once again, the markers have been put to good use. Enjoy my newest bit of Super Mario Kart pixel art!

I generally start all these projects by outline the black sections, doing my best to keep my lines straight!
Three shades of green! 16-bit Yoshi makes use of shading.
Next came the reds and grays – again using several different shades.
yoshi super mario kart for the super nintendo
I’m in love with this background – straight from the Super Mario Kart character select screen!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Which Mario Kart game is your favorite? Who was your main character of choice? Leave me a reply and let me know. Also, if you’re enjoying my content, be sure to follow my blog or subscribe via e-mail!

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