Marker Art #40: Excitebike

Designed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, Excitebike (1985) was one of the very first launch titles for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I learned recently that this game’s engine was a key component for Miyamoto’s team in the development of Super Mario Bros. Namely, Mario’s ability to accelerate from a walk to a run was taken directly from Excitebike.

My favorite part of the game, of course, was the opportunity to design your own race tracks. As far as I know, this was the first game that gave you that sort of creative freedom, and my friends and I abused it entirely to build the most outrageous jumps.

Wanting to add another childhood memory to my collection of art, I decided to bust out the markers to create the following image. Enjoy!

Not much black needed for this particular project. This was actually my third attempt because I kept misaligning the wheels.
And that’s all there is for red, too!
excitebike nintendo pixel art nes
The bulk of this project was the background! Not a whole lot of colors needed but I love seeing how this looks on paper. Another successful project!

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