Marker Art #39: The Goonies 2

The Goonies movie came out in 1985 and remains one of my most cherished movies from my childhood. I mean, what a story! A group of kids find a treasure map, search through secret tunnels with puzzles a la Indiana Jones, and then fight off a family of criminals aboard a pirate ship???? This film had it all.

A year after the movie’s release, a video game was developed for the Famicon in Japan by Konami. It can be argued that the Goonies game was a precursor to Metroid-style gameplay months before the Metroid game was ever released.

While we never got a sequel to the movie (there’s still hope, right???), The Goonies 2 received a worldwide release on the NES in 1987. This game took the “metroidvania” formula even further with a fully open world that was connected by a series of 3D first-person mazes. Players would need to collect various items and return to previous sections in order to progress. It was a major challenge, but one that I remember beating after getting some help from my Mom to find some of the more hidden power-ups.

I’ve not returned to the game since my childhood, but I consider it a treasure in my memory – one which I can now fully appreciate after having played so many games that are similar in style. Immortalized now are the characters of Mikey and one of the Fratelli brothers as a piece of marker pixel art that I finished just a few days ago!

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4 thoughts on “Marker Art #39: The Goonies 2

  1. Loved this game as a kid and actually managed to finish it (though I’m not sure how I pulled that off). I got a copy of the original for Famicom but haven’t played it yet.

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