Marker Art #38: Donkey Kong Jr.

I often credit Donkey Kong Jr (1982) as being one of the first arcade machines that really attracted me to video games.

I loved all the colors and characters that were depicted all over the cabinet. When my parents finally lifted me high enough to see the screen, I was completely enthralled. Of course, I already knew who that red guy was at the top of the screen from my brief time playing the original game. But, this quirky sequel called to me even more with DK Jr’s ability to climb from vine to vine while avoiding an onslaught of red and blue snapjaws (did you know they were called snapjaws? I just learned that today!).

In an effort to continue to surround myself with nostalgic art, I decided that I had to add Donkey Kong Jr to my collection. I only got a couple photos, but my results are below!

donkey kong jr pixel art
I wanted to start simply so I started with the green plant on the far left. Then I tried to fill in DK Jr’s brown fur before continuing.
donkey kong jr arcade pixel art
Whoops! It turns out I started with his fur one tile to the right. Eh, but I’m only human. I colored over the green on the far left and then did my best to cover up the other blemish as a result. You can see my mistake on the left vine under his foot. So, the whole picture is off one tile from how I imagined it….but, it’s still cool!

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