Marker Art #44: Lemmings

My first experience with Lemmings was at a friend’s house (yes, the same friend where I accidentally borrowed Chrono Trigger), and it was something that held our attention far more than it should have. I loved the challenge of trying to manage all these brainless creatures as they marched carelessly toward their goal (or impending doom). I especially liked the music which consisted most of classical pieces or folk songs like “Dance of the Little Swans” from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, “London Bridge is Falling Down,” and the “Can-Can” (“Galop Inferna” from Orpheus in the Underworld).

To rekindle the memories, I created this next piece of pixel art featuring a lone Lemming on their way to the exit.

pixel art lemmings
This one took some time. I started by outlining all the black sections and then filling them in. It made sense to finish the grass and Lemming aftewrward.
pixel art lemmings
Four shades of red/orange for the ground leading up to the exit and for the fire. I also started the “window” to the next area which is inside the cave exit.
lemming snes super nintendo
The final product! With the way this is shaded, it really looks like the cave has some depth to it. Pixel art is cool.

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