Dream Journal #3: The Time Witch

“The Time Witch” was inspired by a dream I had way back on July 6th, 2012. Last night, Ellora the witch and her two companions were using time magic to destroy children’s parents, thus erasing the kids from ever existing. I watched it happen. She needed the child’s shoe, and then she would perform aContinue reading “Dream Journal #3: The Time Witch”

Dream Journal #2: The Voice Teacher

My second post in this series comes from a dream I had on August 19, 2016. To give you some context, my friend, Anna, is a singer/songwriter who used to regularly play shows in my hometown at one of the local coffee shops. Over time, we became friends, and I eventually had the opportunity toContinue reading “Dream Journal #2: The Voice Teacher”

Dream Journal #1: Samurai Magic

I’ve had some whacky dreams in my lifetime. In fact, my Creature Keepers short story was based on one of my zanier slumberland adventures. I’m not sure what causes them (perhaps it’s a lot like this Angry Beavers episode), but I’ve been fortunate to be able to remember a majority of them so I canContinue reading “Dream Journal #1: Samurai Magic”