Dream Journal #3: The Time Witch

“The Time Witch” was inspired by a dream I had way back on July 6th, 2012.

Last night, Ellora the witch and her two companions were using time magic to destroy children’s parents, thus erasing the kids from ever existing. I watched it happen. She needed the child’s shoe, and then she would perform a ritual that eliminates the parents in the past. After the ritual, we’d all be forced to watch as the child slowly started to disappear. I don’t know why she followed us on our tour to San Diego. The kids who were with me were having a great time until she showed up. Each time she called a child from her room, though, I managed to get a little more info out of her younger witch friends. It turns out that they weren’t always witches. They just wanted power… and they’re not even terribly interested in hurting these children.

One evening, I found out from one of them that a friend from my school had been following us. There was a light rap at the door. It was him. 

“Noise.” he said, rushing inside before I could say anything.

“What?” I questioned, as that was sort of an odd greeting.

“She can’t cast her spell if she’s distracted.” he replied. “Tonight, after she chooses her first child, gather up all the kids from each of their rooms. We’re going to make some noise.”

We all waited patiently in our rooms. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally heard light footsteps trotting slowly down the hallway. Then, the sound of a door opening. There were a few short gasps and sobs, but no one struggled. They were used to it by now. We could hear the sniffling through the door as they walked her selection down the hallway. As soon as they were down the stairs, our plan sprung into action. 

I walked quickly and quietly to every door. I entered each room and gave a nod. The children all knew what to do. As soon as all the doors had been open, it began. Without any hesitation, children started screaming and running down the stairs. They entered the chamber where the witches were conducting their spell. The kids knocked over chairs and threw papers. They messed up the carpets. They drew on the walls. Anything they could think of to cause a distraction!

“Stop them!!” Ellora shouted.

The other witches seemed more amused than concerned. The kids created a scene of pure chaos while Ellora continued to try and cast her spell. I noticed that she kept going. That’s when I remembered… Her shoes! If I can replace the child’s shoes with the shoes of the witch just as she finishes the ritual, the spell will be reversed! 

I headed straight toward Ellora. She didn’t even see me coming. I knew about how far along she was in the ritual, and I knew I didn’t have much time left. She was chanting wildly and throwing her hands in the air, all while trying to fend off any stray papers that were tossed in her direction. Kids were tugging on her clothing, and she flung them away without any hesitation while never losing her spot in the spell. 

At this point, the child in the ritual could see what was happening and watched with eager anticipation. The other witches continued to just stand aside with slight smiles curled on their mouths. My friend who had followed us was busy turning the lights on and off to make it seem like we were at a wild dance party or something. The last word of the spell had left the witches lips. The shoe in front of her began to glow. I bolted straight for her. With the effect of the strobe lights we had going on, it almost seemed like I was in slow motion. The first second: I dodged a kid wearing a lampshade for a hat. The second second: I jumped over a group of kids using an upside-down table as a rowboat. The third second: I reached Ellora and barreled straight into her. She flew off balance and hit the floor. The fourth second: The child’s shoe was glowing even brighter. I reached down for Ellora’s shoe – thankfully it was just a slipper! The fifth second: Ellora has no idea what was happening. I grabbed her slipper and knocked the other shoe off the pedestal. Before she could even respond, her slipper was sitting dead center of the pedestal. She gave a slight gasp, before sort of a small portal opened up in thin air and engulfed the entire slipper! Then, it was over. She had disappeared. The kids let out a great cheer! The room was already prepared for celebration. The torn papers flew through the air like confetti. My friend continued to do his strobe light thing. The other witches seemed happy to be free of Ellora’s destructive authority. We had done it! Next time you think your kid is being too loud and messy, think twice. They might be practicing to help stop an evil witch.

Meanwhile, sometime in the past… The crypt was full of old bones that were scattered all over the place. The man, still in his polo gear from earlier that day, was trembling. He held in his hand an old slipper. He walked slowly toward the pedestal, careful not to tread on any of the bones. By this point, the smell was unbearable, but he carried on. He placed the slipper on the pedestal and knelt beside it. 

“Our team is doing horribly this year. If we can’t win, I can’t support my family. Please, I beg of you… help us!” he said.

The slipper began to glow. Then, a flash of green light swirled around the room. The loose bones on the floor started to shake. As they shook they started to move together, forming a skeleton on the ground. The green light continued to speed around the room even faster. Then, it spoke.

“I can help you…” it said as if it was speaking from a very far distance, in another time.

The skeleton was nearly complete when suddenly the green light shot itself directly into the center of it. It began to stand itself up. Steam was oozing from each open area. The man had to shield his eyes and put his nose in his shirt to avoid the smell. 

Just as the steam was settling, a woman appeared in front of him. 

“I can help you… for now.” she said. “After all, I’ve got all the time in the world.”

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