I’m Telling Mom: Siblings in Games

Happy Sibling’s Day! Let’s recognize some of the most iconic sets of brothers and sisters in gaming! Can you think of any others? Let me know in the comments!

10. Sirrus and Achenar
(Mac OS, 1993)

Red pages or blue pages? After dropping onto the mysterious island of Myst, you discover these pair of brothers who have been “wrongfully” trapped inside of a set of books. If you bring them the corresponding pages that have been torn out, they can be freed. But, which one do you trust? Well, which one did YOU trust?

9. Nick and Tom
Snow Bros.
(Arcade, 1990)

Nick and Tom are on a quest to rescue a set of twin princesses, and the only way to win is by starting a giant snowball fight!

8. Popo and Nana
Ice Climber
(NES, 1984)

Speaking of snow… Popo and Nana just want to be on top of an icy mountain while collecting stolen fruits from a giant condor(?!). Personally, I always found the controls of this game to be horrendous and could never make it past even the first few stages.

7. Porom and Palom
Final Fantasy 4
(SNES, 1991)

This set of magical twins from Mysidia makes one of the bravest sacrifices ever witnessed in a Final Fantasy game.

6. Bub and Bob
Bubble Bobble
(NES, 1986)

Would you enter a treacherous cave of monsters to save your girlfriend? Well, that’s what Bub and Bob are trying to do – using the power of…bubbles!

5. Mega Man and Proto Man 
Mega Man 3
(NES, 1990)

It’s interesting that Proto Man doesn’t show up until Mega Man 3 even though he was, according to the model number, the first robot that was ever created by Dr. Light. In any case, he has the best theme music in maybe the entire Mega Man series!

4. Edgar and Sabin 
Final Fantasy 6
(SNES, 1994)

One is a playboy king of Figaro who loves his tools and the other left to study the martial arts. Their tragic backstories decided by the simple flip of a coin.

3. The Koopalings
Super Mario Bros. 3
(NES, 1988)

Are these guys actually siblings? In Super Mario Bros 3, we were all led to believe that Bowser had a set of children who went on to become minions in his armies. The cartoon show reinforced this belief. Later, however, it was determined that there was no relation at all. But, they could still be related to each other? We need a follow up on this!

2. Billy and Jimmy Lee 
Double Dragon
(Arcade, 1987)

Have you noticed that many of our sets of siblings sport red and blue colors? Just a mid-article observation!

Bimmy, I mean Billy and Jimmy take on the Black Warriors (come out to play-ee-ay!) in order to rescue Billy’s kidnapped girlfriend, Marian. However, if you and a friend manage to take down the final boss as a team, the brothers duke it out to see who is the true champion of Marian’s heart – just what women want!

Honorable mentions:

Masa and Mune
Chrono Trigger
(SNES, 1995)

1. Mario and Luigi
Mario Bros.
(Arcade, 1983)

Plumbing since 1983, this iconic pair is widely recognized as the most prolific set of siblings ever to grace the gaming world! With the recent release of the animated Super Mario Bros movie, we learn that their relationship has been strong since childhood showing that Mario was protective of his brother even as babies. Are you hooked on the brothers??

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