Dream Journal #1: Samurai Magic

I’ve had some whacky dreams in my lifetime. In fact, my Creature Keepers short story was based on one of my zanier slumberland adventures. I’m not sure what causes them (perhaps it’s a lot like this Angry Beavers episode), but I’ve been fortunate to be able to remember a majority of them so I can put them on virtual paper before they escape me. Below is a dream I recalled from June 29, 2013 that must have been inspired by my new directing position and my part-time job working at a music store – and maybe a hint of WarioWare.

My friend and I were walking along a dirt road that was next to the ocean. He looked back and pointed out a giant brown ship that had docked next to the land.

“Ah, UPS is here. Lets wait and see who’ll be bringing us stuff today,” my friend said.

We waited as a gigantic, metallic door slid open on the back of the ship and formed a ramp onto the land. As soon as it finished extending, a normal sized UPS truck drove outside. It stopped, and then a man got out and started loading a few more packages into the back of the truck.

“That’s the owner,” explained my friend.

“It’s nice to see that even the owner gets out and does the hard work, too,” I replied.

“Yeah,” said my friend. “You know, it was actually him who was in charge of gathering the postal data from all over the world. He didn’t use the USPS data at all. He did all of his own research. In fact, he did such a good job, that now, in times of disaster, it would be UPS that is sent out to track people and make sure they are delivered safely back to their family.”

I nodded in fascination as we continued walking. We were headed to a warehouse that was just ahead. Inside, my friend led me to a room with a tv monitor hooked up to a computer.

“Have you ever seen ‘Samurai Magic?'” asked my friend.

I shook my head. He began bringing up some windows on the computer screen. I think the website was called something like http://www.rpgsamuraimagic.com. He clicked on a link and a video began to play. In the video, there was a lanky boxer with a big afro who was doing ninja moves to a J-pop song. As the video played, my friend continued to talk to me.

“Now, for your rehearsals next year, you will have two and a half hours on Wednesday and Thursday. We can add Tuesday if you want. How many times per week do you want to show this video to your group?” he inquired.

I tried not to laugh. The video was silly but certainly nothing that would be used to help teach a vocal ensemble.

I answered hesitantly, “Maybe I could show it to them once in the semester.”

My friend just stared at me as if I completely disrespected him. He couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t show the video more than one time. I glanced over at the screen, and the boxer man was still ninja kicking to the beat.

“Do you pray?” asked my friend.

“What…? What does that have to do with…”

“Do you pray!!?” he asked again.

“No…but music is more of a spiritual…”

“You better start praying.” he said.

The video ended.

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