Marker Art #23: Final Fantasy 4

I talked extensively about my connection to Final Fantasy 4 in my Most Mentioned Games article, and now I’m excited to add a piece of my own pixel art to the wall to doubly represent my love for this game!

Final Fantasy 4 (known as Final Fantasy 2 in the US) came out for the Super Nintendo in 1991. It tells the story of a Dark Knight, Cecil, who begins to question his allegiance to his King after being sent to destroy a seemingly peaceful village.

Pictured above is my template for my project. It shows Cecil, now a Paladin Knight, standing next to his airship outside of Troia Castle on the overworld map. Read on to see my art come together!

I started with the lake and took extra care to find the four different shades of blue needed for the water.
Next, I filled in the castle. I didn’t have all the necessary colors, but I worked with what I had.
Afterward, I tackled the character of Cecil. He looks complex but I simply did one color at a time.
The airship followed. It’s interesting how garbled these icons can look close up.
Lastly, I added the forest and the rest of the surrounding grassland. Again, I needed several shades of green to complete the effect.
Placed against a yellow background, the piece turned out great!

So, there you have it! I actually made four subtle mistakes on the drawing. Can you see where they happened? Another blip occurred when a loud blast of thunder shot through our skies while I was intensely focused on filling in squares. Try to find it!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Have you ever played Final Fantasy 4? What were some of your favorite moments? Tell me about it in a reply below. Also, be sure to FOLLOW my blog or subscribe via e-mail to have content delivered directly to your inbox!

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