Marker Art #22: Kid Icarus

1987 was a great time to be alive if you were a Nintendo fan. Mega Man, Contra, Wizards & Warriors, Final Fantasy, and Punch-Out were just a handful of magnificent selections that players had from which to choose in a market that wasn’t yet competing with next year’s Sega Genesis.

Kid Icarus came to the United States that same year, and it was easily one of my most-played games whenever I visited a certain friend who seemed to have a healthy collection of NES titles. I was drawn to the simplicity of the graphics, I loved the music, and the sound an enemy made upon defeat was incredibly satisfying.

In all our time, I don’t think we ever made it past the third level which gave me great incentive to come back to the journey later in life. I began to be able to complete it more easily in one sitting, and after the “3D Classic” version came to the 3DS, I remember playing through the game several times in a row just because I finally could.

The images from Kid Icarus hold a strong place in my heart, and I’m so glad I was able to create this bit of pixel art to display on my wall!

Step 1: Lots of squares and a medusa head.
Step 2: Add a dash of Pit.
Step 3: Fill in the rest and add a green background.
As a twist, flip your paper over to access mirror mode.
Step 4: Framed and ready for the wall!

If you’ve never made it to Medusa, try entering an 8 followed by a continuous line of the letter “u” as your password. You’ll be taken straight to the final stage! (We spent a lot of time doing this as kids…).

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Did you ever play Kid Icarus or any other games in the series? Tell me what you remember in a reply below. Also, be sure to FOLLOW my blog or subscribe via e-mail to get content delivered directly to your inbox!

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