*Marker* Art #14: Frog from Chrono Trigger

After successfully completing two pieces of 8-bit art, I knew that I wanted to make my own leap into the world of 16-bits. I was also eager to try out a fresh set of Ohuhu markers that were gifted to me by a friend last summer. Searching for the perfect new subject, my mind finally settled on one of my favorite games: Chrono Trigger.

Choosing a character from such a wonderfully diverse cast of fan-favorites was somewhat difficult, but I eventually decided to go with Frog. His sprite was small enough that it would fit snugly on one of my smaller canvases, and he only required seven colors. Furthermore, his theme music was blasting through my head the entire time I worked.

While I can’t (yet) recreate the legendary artwork of Akira Toriyama who was responsible for all of the original drawings, I can definitely try out my new markers by filling in some squares. Read about it below!

First, I chose a template. Luckily, there was one readily available for people who make Perler bead projects. For my drawing to be centered, I needed to know how many squares I’d be using. I also decided that I’d add a row of black at the bottom of this template so Frog’s left foot looked more complete.

Next, I got out my handy dandy ruler and created a pencil grid on my 7×5 canvas. Half-centimeters ended up being the perfect amount to fit everything while leaving a little space around the edges. The lines aren’t perfectly straight, but they did the job. I’d like to eventually invest in a more heavy-duty ruler to help with consistency.

I tried to find colors that matched the template exactly. I started with the black outline and then filled in the rest of the colors one by one.

“Ma’am, thou’rt mistaken, I’m not a pet, I’m a Knight and master swordsman.”

I chose a neutral grey for the background to help the character stand out. I really like how the marker-work turned out because it kind of looks like tree bark. You can see that some of my squares aren’t perfect. Ohuhu markers respond quickly to how hard you press down, so this took some time to get used to.

Overall, I love it! My art now stands proudly on my dresser, and as always, I’m looking forward to the next one!

Having appeared on my Most Mentioned Games list, my affinity for Chrono Trigger is no secret. (The story behind my connection to this game is a doozy if you want to check it out).

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Who was your favorite character in Chrono Trigger? Let me know in a reply below! Do you create your own art? Share it with me – I’d love to see it!

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