*Marker* Art #18: Black Mage

The last time I busted out the Ohuhu markers to create some pixel art of Frog from Chrono Trigger, I was enamored by the end result. So, I decided to try another project this weekend and settled on the classic Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series! Have you played any of the Final Fantasy games? Which one was your favorite? Let me know about it in a reply below!

First thing I did was found a template for my drawing. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of 8-bit sprites on the internet. The color was a little off for this one, but I decided to roll with it since it was very easy to tell how many blocks to use.

I created the same grid on my 7×5 canvas using half centimeters as the length of each square. I have yet to get a new ruler, so I did my best to keep my lines straight!

I wanted my drawing to be perfectly centered, so I counted exactly how many squares I had for my length/width and placed my black outline perfectly in the middle. You can see I have 5 open squares above and below. I also have 4 squares open to the left and the right from the places where the drawing reaches the furthest.

Once the black outline is set, it’s very easy to color in the remaining areas. These markers don’t bleed onto the black, so I can push up against it and you won’t see the overlapping colors. The only place I had to be really careful was on the hat where I was dealing with two different shades of yellow.

I did this for fun. I love seeing what pictures look like with the mono effect on my camera!

I chose a light green for the background and used the broad side of my marker to have an even stroke of color all the way from the bottom to the top. You can still see the pencil lines from my grid, but I kind of like how it shows the exact pixel because of this. Overall, super happy again with how it turned out, and I’m excited to have this dash of green on my wall after I hang it up!

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