Pixel Art #47: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

An army of ninja cats, two-player cooperative action, and a colorful array of in-game mini-games including a playable demo of Gradius 3? The Legend of the Mystical Ninja holds a fond place in my memory as an ever enjoyable experience despite its ramped up difficulty later in the adventure.

I remember playing this with my sister and enjoying the simple act of just wandering the first area, collecting tons of cash from defeating enemies, and exploring each little shop that was scattered about the town. The game was jam packed full of activities, and I never felt the need to continue the story in order to have fun.

Of course, once we decided to move on, the game proved to be a thrilling test of reflexes as we jumped over spiked pits, swatted at ghosts, and rode on each others’ backs during the trickier sections.

Years later, a friend and I gave this game a serious attempt, but we were thwarted when we lost all of our lives to a challenging boss and subsequently sent back to a part that required a heavy grind for coins. We never finished. With the advent of Nintendo-approved save states, I’d like to give it another try. It’s a great game and worth it to hear the soundtrack alone!

Below is a piece of pixel art I put together using my trusty markers and graph paper – starring Goemon himself! Were you a fan of these games? Tell me about it in a reply!

goemon graph paper
Step 1: Our black outline! Trying to keep my lines straight.
Step 2: Blues and grays. Nice to see him with some hair and eyes.
Step 3: Browns, oranges, and yellows. Doesn’t add too much, but gives a little structure to his face.
Step 4: Reds for days. I’m not sure I totally like the hue of pink on his face, but it was the closest color I had.
goemon legend of the mystical ninja pixel art
Step 5: A craaaazy background! I used shades of green to make him pop out. At this angle, it really looks like he’s jumping on a 3D landscape! Overall, I love it and I don’t notice the pink as much when I see it in its entirety.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Did you play any of the Goemon games? Leave me a reply and tell me about it!

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