Painting Art #34 & 35: Princess Peach and Banjo Kazooie

These may be my favorite projects so far!

A few months ago, I ordered some 14×11″ sheets of plexiglass to use as replacements for any of my frames that accidentally fall off the wall – or if I happen to find a frame that’s missing its glass. The pack came in a set of ten, and I’ve only needed to use two so far. So, I started thinking about other ways I could use this material.

Suddenly, I recalled the image of Princess Peach as she is depicted on the stained glass window on the castle of Super Mario 64. I had to try it! Below are a few details on how I went about this project. I loved it so much that I decided to do another one featuring Banjo and Kazooie as they’re shown on the church window of the Mad Monster Mansion level. I hope you enjoy!

To start, I printed out a reversed image of Princess Peach and taped it to the back of my plexiglass (which has a thin, plastic film covering it). Then, I flipped the glass over and traced the image with a permanent marker.
Flipping the glass again, I removed my template and the thin, plastic film. Now I had a simple guide for where to paint.
When the project was done, I removed the thin, plastic film on the back that contained the permanent marker template. Then, I touched up any areas that needed attention. It looks great in the window – though, the white acrylic paint looks dark because of the shadow. I prefer to place it on a wall or somewhere with a white backing.

I used the same approach for my Banjo Kazooie painting. I had to do some sleuthing to find this image and ended up cropping it from a Let’s Play on Youtube.
I tended to use a lot of blotting with the brush to help fill in the color and give the painting some texture.
For this one, I kept the permanent marker image on the back. I think it helps define the black outline so the characters can really pop. I’m so happy with the finished products!

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