Marker Art #31: Rush

Rush first appeared as Mega Man’s faithful canine companion in Mega Man 3 for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990 (JP). His primary function was to help Mega Man reach high ledges by turning into a coil that would add some spring to the blue bomber’s jump. Later upgrades in the same game would allow Rush to turn into a jet that could freely move around the skies and a submarine that was great for underwater exploration (though it was barely needed).

In future Mega Man games, Rush added a few more abilities to his roster. In Mega Man 6, he could physically fuse with the main character which would allow them to either punch through thick blocks or hover with a jet pack. Mega Man 7 included a search function for Rush where the dog would teleport into an area and (hopefully) find helpful items that could recharge your life or weapon energy. Finally, in Mega Man 8, Rush was able to transform into a motorcycle that would allow our super fighting robot to speed through stages.

I grew up with Mega Man 3 and have loved Rush since day one. Below is a bit of pixel art of the dynamic dog. Can you guess what stage he is in? Leave me a response, and I’ll let you know if you’re right!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! What’s your favorite version of Rush? In what game did you first meet him? Leave me a reply below and share your experience! Are you enjoying my content? Consider following my blog or subscribing to it via e-mail!

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