Marker Art #26: Moogle and Chocobo

Moogles and chocobos have been some of my favorite creatures in the Final Fantasy series since the fourth game came out for the Super Nintendo in 1991 (known as Final Fantasy 2 in the US).

I came across this FF6-themed sprite of a moogle riding a chocobo, and I just had to recreate the art for myself. You can see my steps through the process below!

After finding my template, I blocked out the black outline.
I decided to fill in the colors for the moogle first, and then I started on the darker chocobo colors.
Next, I filled in all the shades of orange on the bird and added the blue for the eye.
After adding each shade of yellow, my project was complete. I love how it turned out!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! What’s your favorite appearance of moogles or chocobos? Tell me about it in a reply below. Also, be sure to FOLLOW or subscribe to my blog via email to have content delivered directly to your inbox!

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