*Marker* Art #19 & 20: Dragon Warrior & StarTropics

Once again grabbing my Ohuhu markers and a couple of 4×4″ pieces of canvas, I decided this time to sketch out some pixel art of characters from two of my favorite games, Dragon Warrior (Originally Dragon Quest, NES, 1987) and StarTropics (NES, 1990). For the latter, I chose to use the sprite from the series’ sequel, Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II (NES, 1994).

Despite being made severals years apart in separate countries, both games shared a similar look when it came to navigating their overworlds. Because of this aesthetic, I was able to easily fit these 8-bit sprites onto a 20×20 square grid with a little room left for the background. The results are below!

Dragon Warrior (NES, 1986)

“The Hero,” a descendent of the great Erdrick.

Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II (NES, 1994)

After making my grid, I started with an outline.
Filling in the rest of the black, my character is already taking shape!
I used a yellow background against the character’s blue clothing.
Mike Jones’s 8-bit sprite as seen in StarTropics II!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my art! Did you play any games from the Dragon Warrior or StarTropics series? Let me know some of your favorite memories in a reply below. Also, be sure to FOLLOW my blog or subscribe via email to get content delivered directly to your inbox!

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