Crayon Art #6: Mega Man

This month, my friend and I have decided to trade off giving each other words as prompts for our drawings. I decided to try to take the first nine prompt and find a way to somehow apply them to the Mega Man series (a personal favorite of mine). Below are the results!

bubble man
Prompt: bubble
Bubble Man – Mega Man 2
hornet man
Prompt: bug
Hornet Man – Mega Man 9
bomb corn
Prompt: husk
Bomb Corn – Mega Man Battle Network 6
mega man
Prompt: chaos
Mega Man from the cover of Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Collide manga, vol. 3, “Chaos Clash”
Prompt: assuage
Roll – Mega Man 10
pump man
Prompt: flush
Pump Man – Mega Man 10
dr. wily
Prompt: hazing
Young Dr. Albert Wily – Mega Man 11
Prompt: socks
Tama – Mega Man 3
morph moth
Prompt: dangledoodles
Morph Moth – Mega Man X2
mega man art
The final product!

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