Not for the Dinner Table: Birds in Games

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and we’re all still recovering from the massive amount of food that we put into our bodies. Crafting a feast fit for royalty, my girlfriend and I successfully dominated our first-ever attempt at roasting a turkey. We may be eating leftovers for awhile… In the meantime, it’s time to relaxContinue reading “Not for the Dinner Table: Birds in Games”

Food-uary: Food in Games

Continuing with my 2020 monthly goal, enjoy my Top Ten instances of food in video games for Food-uary! What are some of your favorite versions of digital nourishment? Let me know in the comments. 10) Peach’s Cake in Super Mario 64 (N64 1996) “Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you,” promisesContinue reading “Food-uary: Food in Games”