Marker Art #39: The Goonies 2

The Goonies movie came out in 1985 and remains one of my most cherished movies from my childhood. I mean, what a story! A group of kids find a treasure map, search through secret tunnels with puzzles a la Indiana Jones, and then fight off a family of criminals aboard a pirate ship???? This filmContinue reading “Marker Art #39: The Goonies 2”

Marker Art #38: Donkey Kong Jr.

I often credit Donkey Kong Jr (1982) as being one of the first arcade machines that really attracted me to video games. I loved all the colors and characters that were depicted all over the cabinet. When my parents finally lifted me high enough to see the screen, I was completely enthralled. Of course, IContinue reading “Marker Art #38: Donkey Kong Jr.”

Marker Art #37: Lolo and Lala

Adventures of Lolo 3 came out in 1990 for the Famicom and joined us in the United States the following year on the Nintendo Entertainment System. While the prior two games were excellent in their own right, the third entry broke the formulaic feel by adding a colorful world map to navigate along with theContinue reading “Marker Art #37: Lolo and Lala”

Chalk Art #36: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds came out for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and, being modeled after A Link to the Past (SNES 1991), it easily became one of my favorite games in the series. Not only was the 3D effect seamlessly incorporated into the gameplay, but the art style heightened thisContinue reading “Chalk Art #36: A Link Between Worlds”

Sting Like A Bee: Bees in Games

World Honey Bee Day is August 20th! Last Fall, we dealt with a major wasp infestation on our patio and basically had to wait until Winter before we could even attempt to do anything about it. So far, we’re in the clear! More recently, one of my friends just got into beekeeping, and she hasContinue reading “Sting Like A Bee: Bees in Games”

Painting Art #34 & 35: Princess Peach and Banjo Kazooie

These may be my favorite projects so far! A few months ago, I ordered some 14×11″ sheets of plexiglass to use as replacements for any of my frames that accidentally fall off the wall – or if I happen to find a frame that’s missing its glass. The pack came in a set of ten,Continue reading “Painting Art #34 & 35: Princess Peach and Banjo Kazooie”

Perler Art #33: Super Mario Bros 3

After a few months of trying my hand at crayon art, I decided to try something new. My girlfriend and were browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby when my eyes suddenly spotted a colorful array of Nintendo characters. On the shelf in front of me was a bucket of Perler beads from which you couldContinue reading “Perler Art #33: Super Mario Bros 3”

Marker Art #32: I Am Error

If you’ve played the NES sequel Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987), then it’s very likely you’ve run across this guy. Calling himself “Error,” his Japanese name is the symbol for “Bagu.” In English, this means “a computer bug.” So, it’s very likely that the localization of Zelda II resulted in this translation errorContinue reading “Marker Art #32: I Am Error”

Sing Us A Song: Vocalists in Games

Featured image from Nintendo Unity YouTube channel. As you may or may not know, music is a huge part of my life ( gave it away, huh?), and I’ve been singing as early as elementary school. Now I’m a voice teacher at a college, I direct two vocal ensembles, and I continue to perform forContinue reading “Sing Us A Song: Vocalists in Games”

Marker Art #31: Rush

Rush first appeared as Mega Man’s faithful canine companion in Mega Man 3 for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990 (JP). His primary function was to help Mega Man reach high ledges by turning into a coil that would add some spring to the blue bomber’s jump. Later upgrades in the same game wouldContinue reading “Marker Art #31: Rush”