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Another hobby of mine is writing! Here, I make an effort to educate and/or entertain – usually with a healthy dose of nostalgia. In 2020, I wrote a monthly series of very subjective top ten lists related to gaming! Since then, I’ve moved on to posting some of my old short stories and anything else that I can dream up.

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Crayon Art #7: Punch Out

Whether you faced Mr. Dream or Mike Tyson himself, Punch Out for the original Nintendo Entertainment System remains one of the most memorable games of the time. Released in 1987, you control Little Mac, a 17-year-old kid from the Bronx who “loves nothing better than a tough challenge” (according to the instruction manual). Well, aContinue reading “Crayon Art #7: Punch Out”

Cartoons/Characters Referenced in the New “Space Jam: A New Legacy” Trailer

I just watched the trailer for “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” and holy cow they are cramming a lot of characters in there! Here’s a list of all the ones that I happened to catch. Can you find any others? Let me know in the comments! Superman Gandalf King Kong  Iron Giant Gossamer Foghorn LeghornContinue reading “Cartoons/Characters Referenced in the New “Space Jam: A New Legacy” Trailer”

Fire in Games

The other night, I was driving to a friend’s house when I saw the unthinkable. A wildfire in the area had grown large enough where I could easily see its glow on the horizon. Dark clouds of smoke rose above it. I’ve always thought that the “bad things” are far away from me, but thereContinue reading “Fire in Games”

Happy 35th

“Shhhh!” he hushed loudly, turning to the crowd of rowdy bikers. “I’m trying to use the phone!” The bikers did NOT like being told what to do. Who was this guy in his neat, grey suit with a tiny red bowtie? Silently and slowly, they all stood and started to approach the little dweeb. “DidContinue reading “Happy 35th”

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