Dream Journal #2: The Voice Teacher

My second post in this series comes from a dream I had on August 19, 2016. To give you some context, my friend, Anna, is a singer/songwriter who used to regularly play shows in my hometown at one of the local coffee shops. Over time, we became friends, and I eventually had the opportunity to perform with her on a semi-consistent basis. She’s a fantastic musician and she has great stage presence, so I think this dream stemmed from some anxiety I had about being a private teacher, though I hadn’t yet really gotten into the lesson scene at the time. Later, I love how another friend, also named Anna, appears at the end of the dream to represent some hope for Anna #1. Anyway, read on below to see what I’m talking about!

I dreamed that I was helping my friend, Anna, find a voice teacher because she wasn’t confident with her stage presence and wanted to take a few lessons to help her improve.

I found this random guy at a small liberal arts college. In order to get to his office, we had to traverse down this hall that turned into a vertical scrolling video game where you would have to travel up a river while avoiding spinning lasers. When we completed the game, we arrived at his office.

It was a square box made of glass and you could see him inside patiently waiting with a notebook in hand. He had built a “stage” in his office which consisted of a corner that was painted black and had a curtain that could be pulled over; presumably so students could practice their entrances. A microphone was in place to complete the effect, though it still looked rather shabby.

We entered the room and it was immediately awkward. The teacher had shoulder-length grey hair, glasses, and a stubbly beard. He wore a t-shirt with khaki shorts and a pair of sandals. He had Anna go up on stage to perform a song as he observed from the opposite corner. I sat and watched as well.

Anna, feeling uncomfortable, pulled the mic close to her and started singing Taylor Swift without any accompaniment. It went on for some time, and you could tell her heart wasn’t in it since it was clear that her only two audience members were there to judge her stage presence. She tried closing her eyes. She tried gesturing with her hands. The song just kept going on and on. Finally, the teacher cut her off.

“Okay,” he said while looking at what he had written in his notebook. “That was good.”

He paged through his notebook a little more. Seconds went by as we waited in silence. He made a few more notes.

“Yeah,” he muttered, still looking at his notes.

It dawned on me that he had no idea what he was doing. I felt horrible to have brought Anna to some random no-name guy. It said he was a voice teacher. I thought he could help! I began trying to think of where we could go next to erase this horrible experience. First, I thought, maybe she needs to take a dance class; learn some control over her body so she can have full confidence while she’s performing. Then, I thought, you know who has good facial expression? Anna T. We should take a lesson from Anna T.

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