Crayon Art #4: The Flintstones

They’re the modern stone-age family! This week, I was suddenly inspired to draw characters from one of my favorite childhood cartoons. The Flintstones ran from 1960 all the way until 1966, and I was lucky to see reruns of it when it aired on various networks in my youth. It was the longest-running animated series until The Simpsons took that title from them in the late 80’s. Modeling themselves after most typical family sitcoms, it’s no wonder The Flintstones has remained timeless with its themes and humor. For awhile, there were even talks of a revival series being spearheaded by Seth Macfarlane. But, ultimately, that idea was cancelled because Macfarlane “couldn’t figure out a way to find enough differentiation between a modern-day Fred Flintstone and… Peter Griffin.” Perhaps someone else will pick up the mantle. Until then, enjoy my crayon recreations!

fred flintstone
Fred Flintstone
pebbles flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
wilma flintstone
Wilma Flintstone
the great gazoo
The Great Gazoo
baby puss
Baby Puss
betty rubble
Betty Rubble
bamm-bamm rubble
Bamm-Bamm Rubble
barney rubble
Barney Rubble
the flintstones
The final product!

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